Visiting rules and regulations

I. Warnings

1. By purchasing tickets and entering Wild Park you agree with these rules and regulations and are bound to respect them.

2. By entering Wild Park and by your presence here you consent to be photographed, filmed and/or otherwise recorded and agree that the Wild Park non-profit organisation may use your voice, name, and filmed and/or recorded likeness, without limitation or restriction, and without payment to you of any kind, for all purposes.

3. You are entitled to enter the premises of Wild Park only trough the designated entrance and also to leave them in the same way.

4. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older.

5. The accompanying parent or legal guardian is responsible for visitors younger than 18 years.

6. You participate in educational meetings at your own risk.

7. Wild Park does not assume responsibility for bodily injury or property damage resulting from the violation of the visiting rules.

8. Wild Park does not assume responsibility for any lost or stolen property, especially not if the item was left unattended (parked carriages or any personal belongings).


II. Prohibitions

The following activities are prohibited:

1. Bringing pets to the park, for the safety of our animals and yours (with the exception of service dogs – please, contact us if you plan on bringing a service animal to discuss the individual entry requirements).

2. Using motorized or non-motorized vehicles (including children's bikes) on the site.

3. Entering with bicycles, scooters, tricycles and balance bikes (please, leave them outside, near the entrance) and with toy balloons.

4. Bringing or using skateboards and roller skates on the site.

5. Playing loud music within the park (using devices, musical instruments or similar objects), as it may disturb the animals as well as other visitors.

6. Bringing weapons, explosives, dangerous chemicals or fireworks on the site .

7. Manipulating with open fire.

8. Smoking outside the areas designated for this purpose.

9. Bringing or using drones and other remotely or manually controlled devices.

10. Endangering or disturbing any exhibit animals by any means, including an attempt to pet (outside the educational meetings), feed, handle or throw objects into the enclosures.

11. Disturbing the local wild animals, including birds, insects, spiders etc.

12. Causing damage by leaving litter, damaging the vegetation, picking fruit or berries in the premises of the Wild Park.

13. Going over, under, between or otherwise cross any guardrail, fence, moat, wall or other safety barrier and leaving the marked trails and areas – especially climbing trees and unauthorised access to closed-off areas.

14. Damaging the properties of the Wild Park or other visitors. Visitors have full liability for any damage caused by them to the properties or equipment of the Wild Park and will be required to pay compensation.

15. Littering and placing trash outside the designated waste bins.


III. Obligations

Visitors are required to:

1. Purchase a ticket (at least basic admission) when entering the Wild Park, keeping it available for inspection throughout the visit.

2. Ensure the safety of their children. The accompanying full-aged supervisory person (parents, relatives, teachers) is liable for children's behaviour.

3. Observe the opening hours of the Wild Park, noting any changes during the year.

4. Obey instructions of a member of the Wild Park staff who shall be entitled to refuse to admit or expel from the site persons under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, those disrupting the smoothness of operations and security on the Wild Park's grounds, or a person without a valid ticket.

5. Follow the instructions shown on information/prohibition boards and signs and regulations that apply to various activities at the Wild Park, while keeping to directions of the park's staff members.

6. Follow the instructions of the Wild Park staff member supervising the children's attractions and our age limitations, since the limitations given by the producer are only orientational.

7. Prior to participating in educational programs with a dangerous animal (usually felines), according to Wild Park personnel's instructions, fill in Informed consent to encounter with a dangerous animal.

8. Keep  a distance of at least 30 cm from the mesh of the enclosures.

9. Adjust their movement in the premises of the Wild Park to the weather.

10. Do not risk their safety or damage to their property, or the safety and property of others.

11. Notify staff members of the Wild Park of violating Visitor Regulations or any situation threatening the safety of visitors or animals.

12. In case of a danger to use the emergency exits marked on the door of Wild Park and to follow the instructions of the Wild Park staff.

13. In the case of incidents (accidents, finding somebody's lost belonging ...) to report this fact to a member of the Wild Park staff.

14. Abide expulsion by the Wild Park staff for gross violation of the visiting rules.

15. Read and understand these Visitor Regulations and comply with them; failure to do so shall result in the Wild Park being not liable for bodily injury or damage to property of visitors incurred in connection with violation of visiting regulation.

16. Notify the nearest Wild Park staff member in the case of any and all surface injuries suffered during a visit, and are required to be treated either locally or in the nearest health facility. If the visitor refuses treatment, he / she is obliged to confirm in writing that he / she refused treatment.


Thank you for your compliance with the visiting rules and we wish you a lot of beautiful experiences at the Wild Park.