Q: Is the zoopark open for the public?

A: Unfortunately not. Despite the success of the idea of the zoopark as a place destined for public education, the non-profit organization has decided to move away from this due technical issues. Wild Park has decided to move all educational programs into virtual reality to reach more people, and in this way, ensure more effective dissemination of the ideals of Wild Park.


Q: Is there the possibility to experience the educational programs that were a part of zoopark visit in the past?

A: Due to technical issues, visitors cannot experience educational programs as they were presented in the past. However, there is a possibility to take part in educational programs aimed at care for endangered species within your stay at the Wild Park. Among other things, these programs teach interesting facts about animals' natural habitats, their breeding, and oftentimes, visitors will get to interact with these endangered animals firsthand.


Q: Is the zoopark accessible for the resort guests without any restriction?

A: Despite the fact that the zoopark is accessible for accommodated guests, the applicable rules must be respected throughout the day due to safety and ethical reasons. One of the most important restrictions is the presence of minors in the resort without parental supervision. Detailed information regulations of movement of guests through the premise will be given at the reception.


Q: Can I check-in to the resort with a domestic animal?

A: Regrettably, no. The zoological park is a subject to the strict veterinary regulations and safety measures. Even though your pets may be vaccinated and under the supervision of your veterinarian, there is a wide range of diseases which are fatal for exotic species and may go undetected by you or your vet. Likewise, the reaction of your pets to our animals is unpredictable. The resort does not want to put any endangered species under unnecessary stress.