The Wild Park non-profit organization is the continuation of the efforts of its founder, Joseph Hancin Hentz. In the past he has supported organizations fighting for the survival of endangered species and rainforests in many ways. The organization is currently working on its own rescue projects on four continents. With the growth of Wild Park these projects will also grow and multiply.

How can you help?

 The Wild Park n.o. can fund its rescue projects thanks to your contributions. The state of nature is so bad that education in itself is not enough. We need to act. Wild Park is not just a particular place, it is also idea that shall not remain only on paper or in our heads, it's an idea that translates into real rescue projects. These projects require the use of weapons of the highest caliber. Money. Our different educational programs were created so that they would be able to involve as many people as possible.

How can you contribute?

- Visit our park
- Buy our souvenirs or animals bred by us
- Donate to our transparent account
- Write reviews, recommendations, and spread our ideas
- Volunteer
- Donate 2% of your taxes (later)

... Or become our sponsor :)

The idea of Wild Park

Our Wild Park is a magical place ... Why magical? It might look like it is just an extraordinary place which gives you the opportunity to experience things that you can usually only dream about. Larking with lions and tigers, playing with monkeys, and taking photographs with animals you know only from TV or from behind the glass of zoos. It might appear so, but it is not the whole truth. These are all things that you could experience in commercial contact zoos all around the world. That is, if you are willing to support the exploitation of animals for profit - which only the owners and breeders of these establishments enjoy. They are not interested in helping endangered species or nature conservation.
 At this point begins the truth about Wild Park. We are not a contact zoo despite the fact that you can touch our animals, play with them or even feed them. You can enjoy all these, but this is not it why we're here.

 Wild Park is a leisure and educational center. Our exciting programs teach you interesting facts about animals, their habitat the wild, and the issues that concern them. We try to spread information rarely spoken about in the media or on the internet. By interacting with our animal guides we make sure that you won't forget any of it. Also, all profit arising from our business is serving the goals of the Wild Park non-profit organization. We use these funds in various domestic and foreign conservation projects, where they are the most needed. Saving rainforests, wildlife conservation, ensuring the gene pool of endangered animal species are only our initial projects - their scope can increase thanks to Your visit.

Jozef Hancin Hentz