Wild Park - the place where you have exotics at your fingertips. While reaching for an unforgettable experience ou can also give us a hand with protecting nature from the devastating hands of others.
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Please read the Visiting rules!

Basic fee

Our shortest program consisting of interesting and educational meetings with various species of exotic animals, also allowing you free movement in the area.
children under 12 – 5 €, adults / children over 12 – 9 €

VIP program

For our VIP contributors we have prepared a comprehensive program which allows you to meet most of our animals, even ones which are not included in any other programs.

(basic fee included)

children under 12 – 15 €, adults / children over 12 – 29 €


Thank you for your contributions which allow us to continue our work and to fund our projects. More about our non-profit organization and how you can help.

Address:  Lipová 1441/7, Veľká Lomnica, Slovakia
Telephone:  +421903630677
E-mail:  wildparkresort@gmail.com